With over 12 years of experience in brand building, media production and event execution, the passion for what we do is stronger than ever. The goal is to always exceed our clients expectation on the assignment given, and find that groundbreaking way which will proudly present their content. What we value the most is our clients success, and SQNC are a business partner of both global and local companies.




When producing a project we contribute with our creativity still observing that the frames always should fit the clients appearance. The experience our production team has combined with high end equipment makes us confident for any challenge.


With long experience and the latest technology in our DJI Inspire 2 drone equipped with a Zenmuse X7 camera (super 35 sensor, 6k CinemaDNG), we offer aerial videos and fotos. We are always up to date on what laws and restrictions apply to drone flying and, of course, have insurance that covers you and our property.


With millions of pictures shared every day through different medias around the world, we know the importance in delivering pictures that has something special to it and that people will remember.


When working with a client, we want to get close to their roots and place great emphasis on understanding their ambition and language regarding marketing and events. This way, we usually make it easier for ideas to become reality and to set a solid plan for your marketing campaigns.


Facebook, Instagram or YouTube? Keeping your content in social media updated and creative can be time consuming but is also an important part of today's communication. We manage planning as well as produce creative content daily to global and local accounts.


After producing and been participating in big events for almost two decades, we have encountered both success and setbacks from one to another. With that comes also great knowledge of how to avoid mistakes and hit the right audience. Some of our biggest events has been taking over 10.000 spectators.




A selection of previous work.




SQNC´s strength is to place products and brands in environments that Nordic consumers can relate to. We use our beautiful northern nature in all four different seasons to achive variaty for the projects, and that creates a genuine sense of exclusivity and closeness.




“Prioritize to minimize” is SQNC´s saying regarding our clients own spent time in the projects. For us your time is the most valuable thing, and our promise is to always keep the efficiency level high. We would love to be one of your new partners, and help bring your visions to life. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

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